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Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Lynn creates original paintings in acrylic and mixed-media on canvas and paper. She translates her exuberance and positivity onto canvas with expressionistic and colorful brushstrokes, taking inspiration from artists such as Gustav Klimt, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, and Claude Monet. Her subjects range from abstract, spirited and non-representational compositions to transcendent depictions of landscapes, flowers, and patterns. Lynn combines texture, color, and layers of paint into vivid and energetic compositions that enliven interior spaces. Indeed, she began painting as an extension of her interior design work: in 1999, while working for a particularly "thrifty" client, she needed a large abstract painting for a beautiful loft stairwell that she was designing. In order to save the client money, Lynn decided to paint the thing herself. She knew exactly where she wanted it to hang, and by painting it herself she could have complete control of size, color, and composition. A friend let her use his painting studio, and Lynn laid the massive canvas on the floor and went to work with her typical zeal and enthusiasm. She had so much fun, and the results were so spectacular, that she now paints regularly in her own art studio and exhibits frequently at her gallery: Artsplash, located at 111. W. Main St. in Carmel, Indiana. Browse some of her work below, and click any thumbnail to enlarge. 

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